The Ultimate House Training Guide –

What Is It?

The Ultimate House Training Guide is an extensive guide to the most widespread, frustrating issue for all dog-owners: house training. It is one concern of dog ownership that is most often misunderstood.  If you search for tips on house training your puppy, with so much info, good, bad, and conflicting, that only adds to the frustration. What’s the best way?

What Sets This Book Apart?

After several hours spent searching through conflicting information on this subject,  I stumbled across an online book entitled The Ultimate House Training Guide”, by Martin Olliver. Just as the title says, literally every aspect of the subject is covered. This book is written in a friendly and educational manner.   It’s like having a friendly conversation with a knowledgeable canine behaviorist. By finding this book, I’m able to re-read and reinforce what I have learned whenever I need too. This book is friendly and informative, and above all, uses a common-sense approach. No gimmicks, recommendations, or marketing ploys.  Your questions are answered. You don’t need to be an expert in canine behavior and training to see he knows what he’s talking about (and another bonus; he’s a vet too)

What’s Actually Included?

First,  a quick section on the tools of the trade (“patience, persistence, consistency, and common sense”) also some morale-boosting advice on keeping your cool throughout the training process. Then it’s on to how to house train, with a detailed section (one for pups, one for older dogs) on the three methods recommended (paper-training, crate-training, and the direct method).

Next, onto common house training problems  – this is particularly handy! A number of issues are covered, from territorial marking to poop-eating; and each problem has a case study, which enables you to put the information into context.

Health-related problems are covered in some depth. There’s a section on congenital problems (problems your dog was born with); a section on the disease-related problems that develop later in life; and a section on other problems related to house training.

Finally, the Top Ten Tips for hassle-free house training, which is a recap of helpful and necessary attitude adjustments, practical tips, and useful bits of general knowledge which will come in handy during your dog’s training.

Detailed Doesn’t Mean Confusing

It sounds like a lot of information, well, it is, but very user-friendly. This book packed with sound practical advice, but is laid out in a logical and easy-to-understand format: the tone is light and non-threatening (no confusing terms or strange gaps in logic here!) and it proceeds in a logical manner, step to step, with the assistance of helpful how-to illustrations from the book’s charming mascot (a pooch called, Spot-Less :).


In my opinion, one of the best parts is a free, personalized email consultation with the team at Kingdom of Pets. If you’d like additional help with your own dog’s toilet-related issues, just send an email and you’ll get an individualized professional opinion on the best way to handle the problem – plus any additional tips and strategies necessary to help you get your house training under control.

The Verdict

House training a dog is an intimidating task for most people, but the author’s depth of knowledge is reassuring. He certainly knows how to break down the information for even the newest of dog owners. In addition to the main sections mentioned above, there are plenty of tempting extras included to make the process as easy and effective as possible: Including checklists, do’s and don’ts, how to appropriately deal with “accidents”, even a list of the more helpful training products available!

In my opinion,  thumbs up: when the information on hand is as detailed, easy to absorb, and – above all – reliable as The Ultimate House Training Guide, you can’t go wrong. May your dog’s initiation to house training proceed Spot-Lessly!

Click on the image below to find out more. Thanks for reading.

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